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David Lucas

David Lucas

  • 5 stars across 15 books
David Lucas is the internationally acclaimed author/illustrator of The Skeleton Pirate (ISBN 978-1-4063-1505-9), Christmas at the Toy Museum (ISBN 978-1-4063-3852-2), Lost in the Toy Museum, (ISBN 978-1-4063-3206-3) and Peanut (978-1-4063-1958-3). Born in Middlesbrough, he grew up in Hackney and studied at the Royal College of Art. He lives and works in London, E2.
13th February 2014

Grendel: A Cautionary Tale About Chocolate

A charming and clever tale of a little monster who loves chocolate.Grendel loves his mum and Grendel loves his dog, but ... MoreGrendel: A Cautionary Tale About Chocolate

(14 reviews) Review
7th August 2008

The Robot and the Bluebird

There was once a robot with a broken heart, good for nothing but expiring slowly on a scrap heap. Then one winter's day... MoreThe Robot and the Bluebird

(6 reviews) Review
2nd June 2005

Halibut Jackson

Halibut Jackson is a very shy person. He prefers not to be noticed at all. So he makes himself clothing to match his sur... MoreHalibut Jackson

(2 reviews) Review
4th October 2012

Christmas at the Toy Museum

It's Christmas Eve at the Toy Museum and when the lights go out the magic begins! One very special Christmas Eve, Bunti... MoreChristmas at the Toy Museum

(1 review) Review
31st October 2008

Something To Do

(1 review) Review
20th February 2020

The Wonderbird

A breathtakingly beautiful gift picture book about togetherness, perfect for fans of The Fox and the Star . ... MoreThe Wonderbird

(1 review) Review
8th July 2021

Attack of the Giant Baby!

'Attack of the Giant Baby is destined to be a colossal hit. This delightfully whimsical and imaginative tour d... MoreAttack of the Giant Baby!

(1 review) Review
1st September 2009


This is the story of a little monkey as big as a nut, alone in the wide, wide world! Peanut is a very tiny monkey who's ... MorePeanut

(0 reviews) Review
1st October 2009

Cake Girl

The witch was alone on her birthday - again! So she bakes a Cake Girl, and tells her to sing 'Happy Birthday' and dance,... MoreCake Girl

(0 reviews) Review
2nd May 2013

The Skeleton Pirate

Shiver me timbers and swash me buckles - it's time for an adventure with the Skeleton Pirate! The Skeleton Pira... MoreThe Skeleton Pirate

(0 reviews) Review
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