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Coral Rumble

Coral Rumble

  • 5 stars across 8 books
Coral Rumble is an award-winning poet and performer. She won the prestigious Caterpillar Poetry Prize in 2018 and was featured in 'Favourite Poets' published by Hodder Children's Books. Michael Rosen has commented, "Rumble has a dash and delight about her work". Coral has had three collections published, Creatures, Teachers and Family Features, Breaking the Rules, and My Teacher's as Wild as a Bison. Both of her later collections were featured in the 'Best Books'supplement of Junior Education Magazine, and were selected as 'choices' by The Children's Poetry Bookshelf. She has contributed to around 150 anthologies for children. You will find her work in various education trade books and, being a football fan, she is very proud that one of her poems was included in a poetry exhibition at the National Football Museum in Preston! In the past she has contributed to the National Poetry Day resources for schools, produced by the Poetry Society, and works with the Poetry Society on other ventures, like the Trafalgar Square tree project, 'Look North More Often'. Coral is Poetry Editor for the Writers Advice Centre in London.
15th April 2017

The Adventures of the Owl and the Pussy Cat

Age range 3 to 6 The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea, in a box on the living room floor. They sailed away fo... MoreThe Adventures of the Owl and the Pussy Cat

(14 reviews) Review
1st October 2019

Mustafa's Jumper

Milo isn't extra clever, or extra naughty, or extra anything. And he doesn't get chosen to do things very often. But whe... MoreMustafa's Jumper

(12 reviews) Review
15th October 2020

Riding a Lion

Some people like to think that a collection of poems for children has to be either funny or serious, as if there are two... MoreRiding a Lion

(1 review) Review
1st June 2021

Little Light

Ava is hiding – hiding from the small cramped room where she lives with her two little siblings and her mum, hiding from... MoreLittle Light

(1 review) Review
19th August 2005

My Teacher's as Wild as a Bison: Poems Based on the Great Outdoors

Children will enjoy reading poems about many of the typical adventures and mishaps that occur when they go outside. Ther... MoreMy Teacher's as Wild as a Bison: Poems Based on the Great Outdoors

(0 reviews) Review
5th September 2022

Things That Should be in a Poem

'Did you know, you can bump into a poem anywhere? You find them in houses, fields, oceans, cities, trees...the list is e... MoreThings That Should be in a Poem

(0 reviews) Review
2nd October 2023

Jakub’s Otter

In her first work of fiction Coral tells the story of ten-year-old Jakub Polanski who cares for his single mum, Maria, w... MoreJakub’s Otter

(0 reviews) Review
1st January 2015

Breaking the Rules

“I wish life could be like this forever,” I say. “We’d be okay then. We’d forever be okay.” ... MoreBreaking the Rules

(0 reviews) Review
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