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Bobbie Kalman

Bobbie Kalman

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1st January 2007

Tough Trucks

Kids will delight in reading about their favorite trucks, including transport trucks, dump trucks, fire engines, and meg... MoreTough Trucks

(2 reviews) Review
4th August 2020

Welcome to Ballet School

Welcome to your first day at ballet school! Put on your ballet shoes and let's master your basics with author and New ... MoreWelcome to Ballet School

(2 reviews) Review
15th November 2012

Rapping about Animal Homes

Children will love the wonderful pictures in this fun introduction to the kinds of homes animals make in various habitat... MoreRapping about Animal Homes

(1 review) Review
15th November 2012

Rapping about What Animals Eat

What names do we call animals that eat certain kinds of foods? Children will have fun rapping their way through herbivor... MoreRapping about What Animals Eat

(1 review) Review
1st January 2005

Reptiles of All Kinds ?

This easy-to-read book uses simple language and amazing photographs to introduce kids to the fascinating world of reptil... MoreReptiles of All Kinds ?

(0 reviews) Review
30th November 1997

Spanish Missions

(0 reviews) Review
19th March 1995

Weird Animals

(0 reviews) Review
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  • Rapping about What Animals Eat

    Rapping about What Animals Eat

    I really enjoyed reading this book.

    This covers living things and omnivores, grass eaters, leaf eaters, feeding on flowers, fruits and nuts, predat...

  • Rapping about Animal Homes

    Rapping about Animal Homes

    This is a great rhyming book all about animals and their homes.

    The book talks about why a home is important for animals and the natural places tha...

  • Welcome to Ballet School

    Welcome to Ballet School

    Little E recently attended her first ballet class and afterwards we read Welcome to Ballet School written by New York City Ballet. This unique...

Series by
Bobbie Kalman

Vehicles on the Move

Dover Little Activity Books Stickers

Play and Learn Sticker Activity

Rapping about ...

What Kind of Animal Is It?

La Ciencia de los Seres Vivos

Historic Communities S.

Crabapples S.

Arctic World S.

Early Settler Life S.

Rapping About...

Sports in Action

Native Nations of North America S.

The Life Cycle

Opposing Viewpoints

Explore the Continents

Native Nations of North America

Really Weird Animals

Introducing Habitats

Reading Stars

Crabtree Environment S.

Shaping Materials

Big Science Ideas

World of Insects

Its Fun to Learn About Baby Animals

Life Cycle

The Habitats of Baby Animals

Young Explorer: A Pet's Life

Vehiculos En Accion

Explora Los Continentes

Earthball Family

Pets Plus

Lands, Peoples & Cultures

My World

National Geographic Readers

Kid Power S.

Extreme Sports - No Limits S.

My Community & Its Helpers S.

Animals Close-Up

Science of Living Things S.

Looking at Nature

Earths Endangered Animals

Earth's Endangered Animals S.

My Community and Its Helpers

Extreme Sports No Limits

Living in the Wild: Sea Mammals

Natures Changes

No Nonsense Phonics

Amazing Animals

Crabtree Visual Dictionaries

Looking at Earth

I Can Write a Book

First Pets

The Literacy Tower

Our Pets

Olympic Sports

Birds Up Close S.

Superstar Cars


Water Science S.

Backyard Animals

Lands Peoples and Cultures

Going Places

Life in the Old West S.

Ciclo De Vida S.

Que Tipo de Animal Es? Series

Introduccion a Los Habitats Series

Top Cars

My Healthy Body


In My World S.

Go Green

Map Your Planet

Reading Stars Plus

AlphaBasiC's S.

Holidays & Festivals S.

Primary Ecology S.

Eye on the Universe

Sports Starters

Spotlight on My Country

Pet Care

The Science of Living Things

Hooray for Farming S.

Our Multicultural World

Introducing Living Things

Dolphin Worlds S.

Shaping Modern Science

Colonial People S.

Animal Family Adventures

Look, Listen, and Learn

Conoce Mi Pais (Hardcover)

Observar La Tierra

Observar La Naturaleza

Petit Monde Vivant

Observar La Tierra (Library)

My World: Series A

Le Petit Monde Vivant

Sans Limites

Dolphin World

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