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Anthony Browne

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    Anthony Browne Biography
    Anthony Browne is a multi-award winning writer and illustrator and was the Children’s Laureate from 2009-2011. To date he has published forty-eight books which have been translated into twenty-six languages. Imagine all the pictures he must have had to draw!

    Anthony Browne has not just illustrated his own books. He has combined with authors such as Sally Grindley, Annalena McAfee and Ian McEwan to produce timelessly beautiful books. Anthony Browne has even produced his own illustrations to Lewis Carroll’s Alice and Wonderland.

    Anthony Browne’s most recent publication is Willy and The Cloud that came out in September 2016. It is a beautiful and relatable story about facing your fears.

    Anthony Browne Facts
    Anthony Browne was born in Sheffield in 1946 and grew up living in a pub near Bradford. He graduated from Leeds Art College with a graphic arts degree.

    Before becoming a children’s author, he worked as a medical illustrator, and then illustrated greetings cards for Gordon Fraser.

    In 1983 he was bitten by a gorilla whilst being filmed for television at his local zoo about his book Gorilla.

    Our favourite Anthony Browne Book Characters
    Willy – from Willy The Wimp, Willy The Champ, Willy and Hugh, Willy The Wizard, Willy The Dreamer, Willy’s Pictures and Willy’s Stories

    Hannah – from Gorilla

    Billy – from Silly Billy

    Our favourite Anthony Browne Book Quotes
    “Hannah loved gorillas. She read books about gorillas, she watched gorillas on television, and she drew pictures of gorillas. But she had never seen a real gorilla.” (Gorilla)

    “Once upon a time there lived a sister and brother who were not at all alike. In every way they were different.” (The Tunnel)

    “It all began on a warm, sunny day when Willy decided to go to the park.

    There wasn’t a cloud in the sky when he set off.

    (Well, just a little, tiny one.)" (Willy and the Cloud)
    3rd October 2013


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