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Angela Royston

  • 5 stars across 362 books
    Angela Royston has written many books for young people, including books about people at work, animals, health and the environment.


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    14th August 2014


    This book takes a fun look at a typical week in the life of a firefighter. It is written in the form of a first-person d... More

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    1st December 1991


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    1st December 1991


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    31st October 1992

    Night-Time Animals: Eye Openers

    Text and photographs describe some animals who are active at night, such as foxes, bats, owls, and fieldmice.... More

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    31st October 1992

    Birds: Eye Openers

    Brief text and photographs introduce the sparrow, duck, eagle, parrot, kiwi, flamingo, hummingbird, and owl.... More

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    17th July 2008

    Asia's Most Amazing Plants

    Why was teak used to build the RMS Titanic? How can a mangrove grow in saltwater? Why does a pitcher plant grow in the s... More

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    13th March 2014

    Hip Hop

    Do you love hip-hop dance? This book tells you all you need to know about this exciting style of dance. Learn about tric... More

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    13th March 2014


    Do you love tap dance? This book tells you all you need to know about this exciting style of dance. Learn about tricky m... More

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    3rd July 2014

    Circus Performer

    This book takes a fun look at a typical week in the life of a circus performer. It is written in the form of a first-per... More

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    1st September 2010

    The Science Behind Stuff: Age 10-11, below average readers

    The Science Behind Stuff contains accounts of key breakthroughs in science and looks at the everyday objects made possib... More

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    Angela Royston

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    Your Body: Inside and Out

    Read and Learn: Sizes

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    Life Cycles


    Raintree Perspectives: Life Cycles

    At Issue (Hardcover)

    A+ Books: Animal Kingdom

    Animal Young

    Read Me!: Disgusting Body Facts

    Wild Weather

    Science of Nutrition

    How's Your Health?

    Unstable Earth


    Baby Animals

    Extreme survival

    Circle of Life

    Big-Time Business

    50 Thing You Should Know About

    Colour Me

    Understanding Global Issues S.

    Green Alert!

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    Infosearch: Feel the Force

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