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Alice Hemming

  • 5 stars across 40 books
    Alice Hemmings studied illustration part-time while working at Middlesex University, which gave her the idea of writing for illustrators. She has now had a number of books published for younger readers. Alice regularly visits local schools, hoping to inspire future authors.

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    The Leaf Thief (PB) The Leaf Thief (PB)

    The Leaf Thief (PB)

    3rd September 2020

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    • Bam-boo and I Wish (Early Reader)

      Bam-boo and I Wish (Early Reader)

      Great book for an early reader. My daughter read me this whole book and loved it. She prefered the I wish story the most but both are good for new rea...

    • The Midnight Unicorn

      The Midnight Unicorn

      by Fizz

      The Midnight Unicorn is a real gem. It’s a magical fairy story about two princesses separated as babies who reunite and travel together to reclaim the...

    • Arlo, Mrs Ogg and the Dinosaur Zoo

      Arlo, Mrs Ogg and the Dinosaur Zoo

      I loved that it is a funny book. My favourite character was Daisy May because she was so excitable.

      The book is about a difficult class, 4X, who al...