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Adele Geras

Adele Geras

  • 5 stars across 73 books

Adele Geras was born in Jerusalem on March 15th, 1944. Her father was in the Colonial Office, so she moved around all over the place while she was very young: Nigeria, North Borneo, the Gambia. She attended boarding-school in England (Roedean) from the age of 11. After Roedean she graduated from St Hilda's College, Oxford. She has worked as an actress and as a French teacher.

5th August 2004

The Ballet Class

Little ballerinas will love this delightful story about budding ballerina, Tutu Tilly. Tilly loves going to ballet every... MoreThe Ballet Class

(3 reviews) Review
27th February 2014

Peas in a Pod

'I bet Stella asks us to be her bridesmaids. We'll have really beautiful clothes to wear...' Stella-across-the-road is g... MorePeas in a Pod

(1 review) Review
10th November 2011

Magic Beans: A Handful of Fairytales from the Storybag

Magic beans. Sow them. Plant them. Watch children grow. 'If you are a dreamer, come in. If you are a dreamer, a wis... MoreMagic Beans: A Handful of Fairytales from the Storybag

(1 review) Review
27th February 2004

Sleep Tight, Ginger Kitten

Follow the ginger kitten as he looks for somewhere comfortable to sleep. But the chair's too hard, the box too small, an... MoreSleep Tight, Ginger Kitten

(1 review) Review
1st November 2001

Wishes for You

(1 review) Review
1st August 1998

Modlan a Morgan

(0 reviews) Review
1st October 1997

Stacks Of Stories

Commissioned by the Library Association, this work features eleven stories taking libraries as a starting point. They ra... MoreStacks Of Stories

(0 reviews) Review
27th April 2007

Cecily's Portrait

Cecily longs to learn the new art of photography and is determined that her widowed father will come to love it too, esp... MoreCecily's Portrait

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