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Was read to me 9th April '18

That's Not My Bunny
Author: Fiona Watt Illustrator: Rachel Wells
We read this over Easter as it fit in with the theme, and both of the smalls loved it. They love touching the different textures and the bigger one can’t join in with “reading” as the text is so simple and repetitive. They’ve enjoyed it so much they keep bringing it to me. I like that it’s robust enough for the little one to look at on her own too. 

Was read to me 17th September '17

Fergal is Fuming!
Author: Robert Starling
This is a lovely book for talking about anger and frustration. Both my two-year-old and my seven-year-old who is autistic could relate to Fergal's fiery moments! The illustrations are great and the text is simple and well explained. The first half gives examples of situations that make him cross and the impact that has on others around him. The second half of the story where Fergal finds ways to cope with his fiery moments was especially helpful and we will come back to this a few more times at least to talk about coping strategies. This would be a perfect book for any young child as they all have those moments where they struggle to control their emotions. It would also be an ideal circle time book for a nursery or Infant setting. A very useful and well-thought out book.

Was read to me 16th February '17

The Baby's Catalogue
Author: Allan Ahlberg Illustrator: Janet Ahlberg
At 18 months old, the little one is loving this at the moment. He loves looking at the babies and what they are doing and because it is full of so many familiar objects and routines (breakfast, getting dressed, toys, nappy changing, high chairs and pushchairs, etc) it is great for developing his language and he will use words he can say such as milk, cry, car, dog and baby signs such as eat, sleep, clean as we look at the pages. He also loves pointing to things to ask me to say what they are. There is no story to read in this book but that really doesn't matter as there is so much in the illustrations to discuss. It's a book that gets picked from the shelf again and again and would be a lovely new baby or christening gift.

Was read to me 12th February '17

Baby Day
Author: Little Tiger Press
This is my little boy's favourite book! He picks it off the shelf every day, enjoys looking at it by himself and asks me to read it to him over and over again. The clear colourful pages and photos of babies are very appealing, and the simple short rhyming text is very catchy. 

Was read to me 7th November '16

The Velveteen Rabbit
Author: Margery Williams Illustrator: Sarah Massini
This is a charming and beautifully illustrated version of a story I remember fondly from my own childhood & I enjoyed reading it to my boys. It is a truly heart warming story about the love children have for their toys. Be prepared for a few tears at the end if you have sensitive children though as my little boy thought it was very sad that the rabbit couldn't stay with the little boy any more.