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Was read to me 10th January '19

Grandma Bird
Author: Benji Davies
A sweet book about an adventure at grandma's, who Noi doesn't think really cares, but it is clear she really does!  An approaching storm allows Noi to befriend a little bird, and Grandma's rescue of Noi leads to rescuing a number of birds as well, but it is the first bird who decides to stay.  I found this book better written than the other Benji Davies books, it flows better in my opinion.  I like the way Noi and the six cats are repeated at the beginning of each book, and the continuity of the characters in addition to the illustrations.  A lovely addition to our library and loved by my children (although it often leads to us reading the Storm Whale and the Storm Whale in Winter books too so bedtime does stretch out somewhat!).

Was read to me 10th January '19

Christmas Eve at the Mellops'
Author: Tomi Ungerer
A charming story about some pigs who go out to share the joy of Christmas with those less fortunate.  I loved the little details like "people banks" instead of piggy banks, and the idea of giving to others at Christmas is such an important one.  The illustrations are simple but effective in a tonal colour palette.  A lovely alternative at Christmas, and well liked by my children.

Was read to me 16th December '18

Author: Louise Greig Illustrator: Julia Sarda
Lovely book about emotions and how they can escalate into bigger things without you meaning them to. My one issue is that the bad mood disappears with the wind changing - which is lovely for the story but not really how to get over a bad mood in real life. But a small gripe for what is a really lovely book. The illustrations are beautifully done, and lots to spot in the pictures for little readers too.

Was read to me 29th June '18

The Squirrels Who Squabbled
Author: Rachel Bright Illustrator: Jim Field
Fantastic book! We have The Lion Inside and The Koala Who Could is this new book was eagerly awaited and did not disappoint. The rhyme is wonderful and Cyril and Bruce really engaging characters that my LO loves. Even the baby loves the bright illustrations! As with all these books I like the way the story builds to a “lesson”, this one about sharing and making friends, told in such a charming way. I would recommend to everyone!

Was read to me 23rd January '18

10, 9, 8 ... Owls Up Late!: A Countdown to Bedtime
Author: Georgiana Deutsch Illustrator: Ekaterina Trukhan
Well this has very quickly become a book we have to read every single night before going to sleep, and one my LO has almost memorised too!  There are lovely cut-outs on each page (which is a good thickness - while my LO is not particularly rough with books not a single page is even bent yet or torn despite turning many pages using these small cut-outs) and really sweet illustrations.  The story is quite a basic concept, repetitive in nature, about a mummy owl trying to cajole her owlets into the nest for sleep.  The illustrations are good, with all sorts of little creatures joining the owlets (spiders, caterpillars, cats etc), and I like the way the pages gradually turn orange as the sun is (presumably!) starting to rise.  My LO loves being tucked into bed, like the owlets in their nest, by the end of the story.  My only complaint is that the background is very dark at the beginning which means reading the first few pages is a slight test of the eye sight if you are reading in low light at bedtime!  A small complaint though, I heartily recommend this book.