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Was read to me 5th December '18

Hatchimals: The Official Colleggtor's Guide 2
Author: Hatchimals
When I handed Amelie this book, she was one happy little girl. Amelie has a few hatchimals and is always wanting to collect more, she has been using this book to play with them so much more though, she finds the character in the book and finds out more about it and that is really reflected in the way she plays with it. This book is a must have for any hatchimal fans, it's great as a stand alone or to use with hatchimal collectibles 

Was read to me 12th November '18

Who's in the Loo?
Author: Jeanne Willis Illustrator: Adrian Reynolds
We have had this book for a long time now and we still love it so much, it's all about kids trying to guess who has been in the loo for a really long time! Who it turns out to be is just great! 

I love how the story rhymes, its funny without being inappropriate and even though the book is over 10 years old now it just won't grow old. The artwork is also incredible! This is in my top 10 for kids books without a doubt  

Was read to me 12th November '18

Kitchen Disco
Author: Clare Foges Illustrator: Al Murphy
We love this book, its so fast paced but you still fully understand what's going on. It's a perfect bedtime story especially for a late night. The fruit come alive in the kitchen and have great fun. Fully recommend this book, we were given it but I have since purchased it for others 

Was read to me 8th January '18

Rainbow Magic Early Reader: Kate the Royal Wedding Fairy
Author: Daisy Meadows Illustrator: Georgie Ripper
Amelie discovered the rainbow magic collection and straight away wanted them all, so I brought them but she was still a bit young for them, then in a book catalogue I spotted the early readers versions so straight away brought this book. It was perfect for her, the chapters are a great length and amelie can pick up a few of the words herself. We read a chapter a night over the course of just over a week at bedtime. It was short enough that she didn't get bored but the story was still gripping. Jack Frost stole the true love crown and Rachel and Kirsty worked hard to help the fairies get it back in time for the wedding. Amelie has been obsessed with weddings since we went to one in the summer and this book was perfect. Its a great book for that in between stage of picture story books to kids novel style books. I'd say it's perfect for 5-6 year olds

Was read to me 19th August '17

Supertato Run Veggies Run
Authors: Sue Hendra , Paul Linnet
So I gave this book to my little girl as a gift for the end of nursery and what can I say she loved it. A classic from Sue Hendra just as good as every other book she has written. The story flows its fun and even I enjoyed reading it.
The Veggies in the supermarket were taking part in there sports day but mr evil pea didn't like it and tried to take over and steal all the prizes and awards. Such a good laugh book, great for a fun easy story to read with your child or for them to read themselves if they are able