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I read this book 20th June '16

To Wee or Not to Wee
Author: Pamela Butchart Illustrator: Thomas Flintham
I liked the fact the Shakespeare stories were told in a fun way, however this wasnt a book that gripped me and towards the end i had to force myself to read it. 

I read this book 1st April '16

Author: Roald Dahl Illustrator: Quentin Blake
As with all Roald Dahl books, this one didn't disappoint. I loved that the BFG was friendly unlike all the other giants. The BFG captures dreams in bottles for other kids to dream and takes a little girl called Sophie who was an orpan back to his cave in giant country but he was kind and looked after her! I liked that he had his own funny language which was called gobblefunk. My favourite part of the book was when the BFG and Sophie drank a fizzy drink and whizzpopped! haha. My sister read the book after me but she thought the nasty giants who ate human beans were too scary!