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I read this book 27th December '16

Fox in Socks
Author: Dr. Seuss
Jack was recently bought this book for Christmas after reading and loving The Cat In The Hat Comes Back. He has developed a real love for Dr Seuss and his reading skills are getting better and better. This book has really helped him to put more words together and the simple rhyming makes for a pleasant and easy reading experience whether he is reading to me or I am reading it to him.

You cannot beat a bit of Dr Seuss.

I read this book 27th November '16

The Cat in the Hat Comes Back
Author: Dr. Seuss Illustrator: Dr. Seuss
Jack has recently been learning how to read in Reception and this is a great book for him to practice with. He loves reading the book to me and reading by himself and loves the character of the Cat and thinks the story is very funny.

Was read to me 14th June '16

The Bear Cub Bakers
Author: Caroline Baxter Illustrator: Kathi Ember
Jack loved this book. He loves to bake with his Daddy and has tried baking a variety of different things like the bears do in this book, often not making them perfectly just like the bears.
The rhyme was paced well and Jack couldn't wait to see who won! After I read it to him, he turned to me and said 'Mummy, I really like reading books' - now he is getting to the age where he can pick out words he loves nothing more than having me read it to him and then taking the book himself and trying to read it himself. I am very grateful to books such as this for him to be so interested in doing so.

Was read to me 29th May '16

Get Out Nature Activity Book
Authors: Andrea Pinnington , Caz Buckingham
This was a fascinating book taking a look at nature around us. We have had great fun taking it out with us and doing the puzzles together, especially spot the difference. Would definitely recommend.

Was read to me 20th May '16

Little Miss Muffet and Other Rhymes
Author: PatrickGeorge Illustrator: PatrickGeorge
This was a lovely book to read with my son. We loved reading out the rhymes and singing them where possible. There were some we both knew and some that were new to us and we really enjoyed it.
The artwork is brilliant and it is a fab book which we would both recommend.