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Was read to me 17th August '18

Maisy Goes to the Cinema
Author: Lucy Cousins
Maisy and her friends are at the cinema. There are so many friends to choose from but Troy T Tiger is a firm favourite with the group of friends :) The friends have a marvellous time watching the film with the inevitable scary scenes. They love the film and want to watch it over and over again. Much like my son who likes to read this book over and over again !

Was read to me 17th August '18

Maisy's Bus
Author: Lucy Cousins
Maisy is riding her bus and wants to take all her friends with her. She picks up her friends from bus stops 1,2,3 and 4 and finally makes it to bus stop number 5. Will there be room for everyone on the bus? A very loved book in our house. I've had mornings when my son has woken up asking to read the "bus stop number 2" book :D

Was read to me 17th August '18

Look, There's a Submarine!
Illustrator: Esther Aarts
What a way to discover the mystical underwater world. There are starfishes, divers and a shipwreck! Loads to explore while the submarine goes deeper underwater. This is a favourite bed time read and my son has picked up so many new words.  

I read this book 3rd July '18

The Very Lazy Ladybird
Author: Isobel Finn Illustrator: Jack Tickle
The lazy ladybird spends all her time sleeping and never gets around to learning how to fly ! She has a few tricks up her sleeve as she rides on various animals to get to another place of rest. Exciting adventure with lots of movements to mimic. A clear favourite in our house :)

Was read to me 19th September '17

Dear Zoo
Author: Rod Campbell
Swiftly turning into my son's favourite book. He loves the flaps and plays peekaboo with the animals. From a parent's perspective there's lots to learn. Animal names and associated adjectives. I love this book because it keeps my otherwise very distracted son quite busy or a while :)