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Was read to me 24th November '18

Father Christmas Needs a Wee
Author: Nicholas Allan
What a funny book, my son is nearly 4 and obsessed with wee , poop and farts at the moment. So this book has had him laughing out loud. He joins in the counting as Santa visits each house drinking all the drinks and eating all the treats. The suspense builds , will be Make it back to the North Pole before he sets himself. A read again and again story every Christmas . 

Was read to me 24th November '18

Father Christmas Comes Up Trumps!
Author: Nicholas Allan Illustrator: Nicholas Allan
My son is nearly 4 and is currently obsessed with farts! So this book was perfect. Father Christmas eats 66 Brussels sprouts before heading or to deliver presents and starts to get belly ache, he struggles to hold in his trump and my little boy found is laugh out loud funny. He keeps asking to read it again. The rhyming words and illustrations are perfect. 

Was read to me 31st July '18

Freddie Goes To Playgroup
Author: Nicola Smee
A very simple and short story from the Freddie goes to series. This book has a large illustration and short piece of text on each page explaining what will happen at Playschool. It was gifted to us by a friend as our sons name is Freddie and he is just starting school this September. He has enjoyed it but it’s very short and simple . 

Was read to me 31st July '18

Hugless Douglas Goes to Little School
Author: David Melling
What a wonderful book. My three year old son was gifted this book from our childminder at the end of term to ease his nerves about starting preschool in September .  It’s a wonderful silly story exploring the feelings a small child has about starting school , explores what activities will be enjoyed through the school day and of course includes lots of hugs. Fabulous illustrations to be enjoyed by all. 

Was read to me 21st February '18

The Smartest Giant in Town
Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Axel Scheffler
Another excellent JD and AS collaboration. A beautiful warm hearted story about a giant who has one pair of old sandals and a stained gown and he bought an entire new outfit and was very smart. Through his travels he meets lots of creatures it need and slowly gives away all his new clothes to help them. He went back to the shop but it had closed so he had to sadly return to his old gown and sandals. At the end the animals he helped gifted him with a note and crown. The art work
Bun as Is beautiful and helps tell the story to younger readers and the rhyme is very catchy and easy for the children to join in.