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Was read to me 6th March '19

Where's Spot?
Author: Eric Hill
This has been a favourite for all 3 of my children, it's a quick read with the fun of lift the flap pages and a classic children's favourite character. 

Was read to me 6th March '19

I Love You, Daddy
We recently read this book at bedtime and my girls really enjoyed it. They said they could relate to the little bear and how his daddy made him feel better about the situations he was facing. 
It's the perfect length for a little bedtime or afternoon story. Cute illustrations and a nice storyline. 

Was read to me 21st February '19

A Day with Barbapapa
Authors: Annette Tison , Talus Taylor
"this book is unique, it tells us all about the Barbapapas and what they like to do, I give it 3 stars" - 8 YO

"I thought this book was good and we meet the"'papas and see their fun day,  I say 4 stars" - 4 YO

This is a nice, relaxed book, fun for storytime. There isn't much of an actual story, but it's nice to read to little ones and has fun illustrations. 

Was read to me 17th February '19

Kitten's Day Out Sticker Storybook
Author: Stephen Cartwright
This is a cute quick read that appeals to younger children. My 4 year old really enjoys having this book read to her. 

She isn't reading independently yet but the layout is as such that young readers can read part of each page while parents or more advanced readers can read the rest of the page, which is a nice idea as it makes it a more interactive activity. 

Basic but sweet little story, nicely illustrated. 

Was read to me 17th February '19

Little Lost Dragon
Author: Wayne Anderson
Little lost dragon is a story about a little dragon who hatches from his egg and finds himself in the big outside world, not knowing what he is or where he belongs.

The story takes us on a journey to get the little dragon back home, as he encounters other animals along the way.

It's a good length for a bedtime story, the illustrations are lovely, very intricate and detailed. 

My girls enjoyed listening to it.