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Was read to me 9th February '19

Oi Frog!
Author: Kes Gray Illustrator: Jim Field
This is my 3 year old daughters new favourite book. She loves stories that rhyme so I expected her to enjoy it. She joins in with the rhyming words and sits still all the way through as she completely engrossed. The illustrations are bright and funny, particularly the final picture which makes my 3 year old daughter laugh out loud every time! She does wonder why the animals can't just take turns sitting in the mat though! 

Was read to me 7th February '19

Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Axel Scheffler
This is one of our favourite books in both English and Welsh. I am currently learning to speak Welsh and my daughters attend a Welsh medium school. I know the story very well from reading the English version, so although I don't understand all of the words I can put emphasis in the correct places to keep my daughters interested. The illustrations are beautiful and give us plenty to talk about while we are reading. It is very well written and has the same rhythmic, rhyming quality as the English version. My daughters have enjoyed this book so much that I intend to buy other Julia Donaldson books in Welsh too. 

Was read to me 5th February '19

The Gruffalo 20th Anniversary Edition
Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Axel Scheffler
I have read this book to my daughters hundreds of times and they still absolutely love it. Our first copy was so well loved that it eventually fell apart. The book is beautifully written and holds my daughters attention for the entire story. The illustrations complement it perfectly and give us a lot of extra things to talk about while we read. Our second copy of The Gruffalo is the 20th Anniversary Edition. This edition comes with pop out characters which I made into stick puppets and my 3 year old has thoroughly enjoyed playing with them. The additional content includes a couple of pages on how Julia Donaldson came up with the story and how Axel Scheffler developed the illustrations. I found these sections more interesting than my daughters did! My daughter has only just turned 3 so she enjoyed the Gruffalo song and the quiz but I imagine she will appreciate the ideas for putting on her own Gruffalo show more when she's slightly older. 

Was read to me 22nd November '18

Fox's Socks
Author: Julia Donaldson
Fox's Socks is a firm favourite in our house. Simple illustrations and a story that all parents and children can relate to; the seemingly never ending search for missing socks! My daughters love looking under the flaps, but unfortunately our copy now has very few flaps left. It has been very well read! 

Was read to me 9th October '18

Room on the Broom
Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Axel Scheffler
I've read this book to my daughters so many times I can recite it by heart. My two eldest daughters always ask for this as a bedtime story. An exciting story full of magic and generosity. We love everything about this book; beautiful illustrations, rhyming text and fantastic characters.