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Was read to me 8th August '18

Asterix: Asterix and the Chariot Race: Album 37
Author: Jean-Yves Ferri Illustrator: Didier Conrad
We enjoyed reading this book together and learning about new historical facts off the back of this book! We loved the illustrations and the flow of the story! 

Was read to me 8th August '18

Really and Truly: A story about dementia
Author: Emile Rivard Illustrator: Anne-Claire Deslisle
After struggling with a way to tell my two children about how their Grandad had suddenly got very ill and with dementia I found out about this book. I read the story to both boys and instantly they knew this was what was wrong with Grandad. It starts with a look back at how Grandad used to make up stories and play and then one day he lost his smile, appetite, zest for life etc. It makes the boy in the book think of how to bring Grandad's smile back alongside thinking up his own adventure stories. The story and illustrations are just perfect and it made answering all the questions at the end much easier. 

Was read to me 28th April '18

The Snail and the Whale
Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Axel Scheffler
We adore Julia Donaldson books and this is a particular favourite of ours. I love the adventure plot and the very subtle environmental message captured on the pages with beautiful illustrations and a rhyming narrative. 

I read this book 28th April '18

Tiddalick the Thirsty Frog: Band 14/Ruby
Author: Mark Carthew Illustrator: Greg Rogers
My seven year old son read this play to me and enjoyed learning about this tale. The characters were fun and fitted in with the narrative of the play and were native and authentic. 

Was read to me 5th January '18

A World Full of Animal Stories UK: 50 favourite animal folk tales, myths and legends
Author: Angela McAllister Illustrator: Aitch
My sons and I adore this book. The stories are wonderfully written (myths/legends for some of them) and come from every continent of the globe. There are 50 stories of varying length that are beautifully illustrated and set out in continent themed chapters.

The illustrations are sumptuous and the book is a lovely bedtime reading resource as the stories are short enough to sometimes read 2/3 a night!