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Was read to me 10th March '18

Never Too Small
Author: Zanib Mian Illustrator: Laura Ewing Ferrer
This book is about overcoming fears that young children have and how a little encouragement from our loved ones goes a long way in building their confidence. The repetition coupled with the lovely rhyming lines make this an enjoyable read. The illustrations add to the appeal of the book.

Was read to me 28th February '18

Yasmin's Journey
Author: Miriam Halahmy
This is a good, simple and easy read. It's a good book to introduce those who are unaware about the dangers and difficulties involved in the lives and journeys that refugees undertake to ensure their families are safe.

I read it with my son (Aged 6) who asks lots of questions about those less fortunate and he found it very sad. He said he was happy when the lady helped out Yasmin and Ali. 

Was read to me 29th January '18

The Muslims
Author: Zanib Mian
Read to my six year old son. He absolutely loved it! He could see similarities with his own life which reinforced his own Muslim identity and made the main character Omar very relatable. 

Zanib Mian's use of humour and equally funny illustrations makes this a great read. My son's favourite part was the bully crying. He joined in with the reading too and it lead to some interesting conversations about identity, culture, bullying, being kind to neighbours etc.

Great book to have in schools and libraries. 

Was read to me 27th April '17

King Flashypants and the Creature From Crong: Book 2
Author: Andy Riley
My five-year-old son won this through the site - thank you toppsta -  and couldn't wait for me to read it to him.
The cover is bright and appealing with funny illustrations to match the title. The silly  humour is pitched just right for his age and the language is accessible but also a little challenging, however, not to the extent it spoils the flow of reading. 

My son has been laughing out loud and he will be writing his own review when we're finished. 

I read this book 9th April '17

Lost and Found
Author: Oliver Jeffers
I loved lost and found because a penguin was in the story and I love penguins. I like the bit where the boy rowed the boat with the penguin. 

My son read this at school with his class and really enjoyed it and told me about Oliver Jeffers. Having googled his work, I'll definitely be getting more of his books for my son.