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I read this book 24th July '17

Master Bun the Bakers' Boy
Author: Allan Ahlberg Illustrator: Fritz Wegner
My favourite book is the Happy Families Master Bun the Bakers' Boy. First part, once upon a time in a baker building there was a name called Bertie bun who was born to be a baker also he had a lot of families When he was a baby he loved playing with flour, but when he got older things changed by he was bored being a baker. Later when he grow he dreamed about being a bus driver, bandleader,balloonist,bank manager,and all these things, but after that things were happy.

Jaden (age 8) 

I read this book 24th July '17

Author: Roald Dahl Illustrator: Quentin Blake
My favourite book is the BFG,because sometimes it makes me wonder that there is no big,friendly gient,   there is only a small,little girl.
I LOVE the part when the gient fallen asleep ,and a magic trumpet came into his ear and made him nice. 

Chloe (age 9)

I read this book 24th July '17

Esio Trot
Author: Roald Dahl Illustrator: Quentin Blake
My favourite book is Esio Trot I really enjoyed it.  This book is about a man called Mr Hoppy and he is all alone.He had a secret love with  a women who lived below him ,but her hart  belongs to a tortoise  but  she really want him to grow up.Then  mr Hoppy has an idea  and he gives her a piece of paper but all the words was back to front and when he goes  to work  in his spare time he makes a tortoise catcher and tortoises.Every time she goes to work he changes the tortoise so itmis only two more than the last one until one day the tortoise could not fit into his house .Then he made a sheet of paper last time but this one was to make him smaller  two ounce every time .Then she invites him over .He gives all the tortoises to the pet shop and sold them for free .And tortoise which she had before went when to a little girl .

Luca (age 9)

I read this book 24th July '17

The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark
Author: Jill Tomlinson Illustrator: Paul Howard
My favourite book is the owl who was afraid of the dark.This book was interesting when blob went down to see the old lady and when she talked about the dark is kind. I think the story is funny because when the little girl called blob a Wolle ball because he rolled three times. I really liked this book.

Megan (age 8) 

I read this book 24th July '17

Excellent Excuses (And Other Good Stuff)
Author: Liz Pichon
I love Tom Gates because there's fantastic illustrations for some of the POWERFUL words. It is funny when you know the problems and then you hear the excuses that are crazy but work.One of the parts I love is when Tom caught Marcus cheating. 

Rose (age 9)