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Wrote a Review 23rd March '19

Book pages Divergent
CCLEMON read it aged 11
  Divergent starts with a really interesting action.
  I like how the writer started directly with a setting without giving any clue.
  It was really nervous when the main character chooses her faction. 

Wrote a Review 22nd March '19

Book pages Umbrella Summer
Umbrella Summer
CCLEMON read it aged 11
  Umbrella summer is a moving and poignant book about a girl who lost her brother. She and her family felt like they had an umbrella covering them and preventing the sunlight from coming in. 
  My favorite thing about this book is how the writer showed the similar experiences of the girl and her empathic new neighbor. I also like how the conversation between the girl and her neighbor changed everything.
  The writer is really good at dialogue.
  This book is recommended for people who likes lots of dialogue.

Wrote a Review 22nd March '19

Book pages Allegiant
CCLEMON read it aged 11
  Allegiant is a really interesting novel by Veronica Roth. You need to read the first two books, Divergent followed by Insurgent. 
  I like how the writer changes the settings; from the Dauntless/Erudite/Candor compound to our world. The story got really funny when the characters tried to figure out the things about our world. (In their world, they are split into 6 different factions: Dauntless, the bravest people. Abnegation, the nice people. Candor: The trustworthy people. Amity, the caring and hardworking people. Erudite, the smart people. Lastly, the factionless. They are the poor people who got kicked out of their factions).
  The genre is a fantasy and fiction book. 
  You would enjoy this book if you like adventures and mysteries. 

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