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Was read to me 2nd February '19

Animal Fun! Who Lives Here?: Lift the Flaps to Find out!
Author: Tracey Radford
This is a fab little book ideal for exploring animals and where they live. My 2 yr old niece enjoyed lifting the flaps and has become one of her favourite books. As the Animals are made by toilet tubes I am in the process of making some to go with the book with help from my niece. 

Was read to me 4th November '18

I Need a Wee!
Author: Sue Hendra
Just going through potty training this book was fab. It was colourful and eye catching. We could related to all the distractions that popped up just tryin to make it to the toilet. Highly recommend for youngest as is a true reflection of this age group and potty training 

Was read to me 4th November '18

Yikes, Santa-CLAWS!
Author: Pamela Butchart Illustrator: Sam Lloyd
This book was a good one to share with my niece who is 3 yrs old. Santa claws was everything Santa isn’t. He was destroying Christmas until the real Santa Claus appeared. 

Was read to me 4th November '18

Pumpkin Soup
Author: Helen Cooper
Absolutely love this book. All about three animals duck, Cat and squirrel who make pumpkin soup but one day the duck wants to have a turn a stirring the soup which doesn’t go down well with the others. He ends up leaving and the cat and squirrel miss him so end up going looking for him. It’s a lovely 
Book  and one that all
Children enjoy listening too as they want to know where duck has gone and will he return. 

Was read to me 12th September '18

There's a Dragon in Your Book
Author: Tom Fletcher Illustrator: Greg Abbott
Love Tom Fletcher books he does an amazing job of capturing the readers. This book was amazing u have an egg which ends up being a dragon. It then goes through the book causing mayhem. It’s interactive which is good for all age groups. A book certainly to be added to any young child’s book collection