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Story time with Ted
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Book pages Story time with Ted
Story time with Ted
I read it to Albert aged 2
Albert really enjoys this book, we are so grateful for the opportunity to read it. It's really colourful and random which Albert loved. Full of imagination. Just wish it was longer. We read it very quickly. I can't wait for Albert to start to learn to read. This will be a really good book for this 

Wrote a Review 31st December '18

Book pages The Detective Dog
The Detective Dog
I read it to Albert aged 2
Fantastic adventure for nell the detective dog and even ted ends up being a likable character. My son loves this book 

Wrote a Review 31st December '18

Book pages The Story of Easter
The Story of Easter
I read it to Albert aged 2
I really wanted my son to understand the meaning of Easter so bought this book however me and my husband haven't read it to him yet as we feel it's still very sad and our son would be upset listening to it. I understand the message but I feel my son is too young to understand