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Karen George

  • 5 stars across 4 books
    Karen George studied Fine Art at the Royal College of Art. She then worked as a painter creating many film sets and murals. Following the arrival of her two small boys, Karen stopped wielding giant paint brushes and downsized to teeny tiny ones, enabling her to pursue her desire to illustrate and write for children.


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    1st April 2021

    What Happened to You?

    The first ever picture book addressing how a disabled child might want to be spoken to. What happened to you? Was it a ... More

    (32 reviews)
    1st April 2011

    Freddie and the Fairy

    Freddie is desperate for a pet, so when he rescues Bessie-Belle and she offers to grant his wishes he knows just what ... More

    (26 reviews)
    20th June 2013

    Wake Up Do, Lydia Lou!

    A little ghost tries to give Lydia Lou a scare . . . but he can't even wake her up. So he fetches his noisy animal fri... More

    (17 reviews)
    4th May 2023

    You're So Amazing!

    When people meet Joe, they often treat him as Amazing Joe or Poor Joe. But can't he just be . . . Joe? One-legged Joe i... More

    (9 reviews)
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    • You're So Amazing!

      You're So Amazing!

      This is a great book to get children to understand about disability and to not treat them differently because they have a disability. It got my daught...

    • You're So Amazing!

      You're So Amazing!

      by Jrh

      You're So Amazing is a great story to help children (and adults!) understand an appropriate way to react to disabilities. The story follows Joe as he...

    • You're So Amazing!

      You're So Amazing!

      Disabled people live not only with a society which is constructed with barriers to make participation or accessing services impossible, but also with...