Julia Woolf

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 Julia Woolf   is an animation artist turned illustrator. She spent 20 years working in animation, including 12 years at Dreamworks in the States. However, on having her daughter, the world of illustration began to beckon and a while after returning to the UK, Julia enrolled in an MA in Children's Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University.  Giraffe on a Bicycle   is her debut book, and is full of personality-packed characters, dynamic illustrations, wit, charm ... and bicycle parts! Julia lives with her family in Kent, near the countryside, seaside and woods - where she is yet to see a giraffe riding a bicycle.
2nd April 2020

Calm Down, Zebra

A celebration of colours and patterns from the pair that brought you bestseller NOT YET, ZEBRA.Annie said to the animals... MoreCalm Down, Zebra

(13 reviews) Review
1st February 2018

Not Yet Zebra

Annie said to the animals, "Please stand in a line.I'm painting my alphabet. Come one at a time! First Aardvark and Bear... MoreNot Yet Zebra

(5 reviews) Review
14th July 2009

Halloween ABC

(4 reviews) Review
2nd June 2022

The Robber Raccoon

Rosie Raccoon is up to no good,out and about in a grand neighbourhood . . .But she needs to watch out. The police are af... MoreThe Robber Raccoon

(3 reviews) Review
18th February 2021

Little Bunny's Easter Surprise

A bouncy lift-the-flap Easter tale, Little Bunny's Easter Surprise is the perfect gift for little ones to enjoy this spr... MoreLittle Bunny's Easter Surprise

(1 review) Review
14th July 2014

Five Little Ghosts

Five little ghosts at the end of the day, are on the lookout for somewhere to play! Follow the adventures of five little... MoreFive Little Ghosts

(0 reviews) Review
23rd January 2020

One Hug

Told in joyful rhymes and bright illustrations, One Hug celebrates the many ways we embrace our loved ones.As a family w... MoreOne Hug

(0 reviews) Review
28th October 2008

Snow Wonder

(0 reviews) Review
5th September 2016

The First Christmas

(0 reviews) Review
9th March 2017

Lazy Cat

Doodle Dog is a very good friend to Lazy Cat, but Lazy Cat isn't always such a good friend back. In fact, he has Doodle ... MoreLazy Cat

(0 reviews) Review
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  • Not Yet Zebra

    Not Yet Zebra

    by Reebs

    Annie is painting the alphabet and Zebra can’t wait for his turn. 

    A lovely story to share. ...

  • Calm Down, Zebra

    Calm Down, Zebra

    by Reebs

    Annie is back with Zebra. In this story Annie is learning about colours with the help of the animals and Zebra. 

    A great book. ...

  • The Robber Raccoon

    The Robber Raccoon

    Fab book that we all enjoyed. Fun illustrations and rhymes and a great twist at the end that we definitely didn't see coming. We liked the recycling t...