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Craig Conlan

  • 4 stars across 2 books
    4th April 2011

    Krow Twins: Da Finchi Code

    Twin Brothers Tommy and Terry Krow are no strangers to crime--in fact, they stole the book on it The crime rate in... More

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    1st September 2014

    Santa Claus is on a Diet!

    Centuries of junk food and snacks have taken their toll on Santa's waistline. With narrow chimneys now a danger, Mrs Cla... More

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    • Krow Twins: Da Finchi Code

      Krow Twins: Da Finchi Code

      by Flynn

      The Krow Twins is a book about two crows who think they rule the forest. The Bird police have lots of crimes to solve and keep trying to look for clue...

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