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Shadow Skye Series

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    All the Shadow Skye books in order:

    Book 1: The Good Hawk (2020)
    Book 2: The Broken Raven (2021)
    Book 3: The Burning Swift (2022)


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    Book 1
    Book 1

    The Good Hawk (Shadow Skye, Book One)

    If everything was taken from you, what would you do to get it back? Agatha patrols the sea wall with pride, des... More

    (25 reviews)
    Book 2
    Book 2

    The Broken Raven (Shadow Skye, Book Two)

    The extraordinary second book in the epic Shadow Skye trilogy. In a world of shadows, hope can be found... ... More

    (15 reviews)
    Book 3
    Book 3

    The Burning Swift (Shadow Skye, Book Three)

    The epic conclusion to the critically acclaimed Shadow Skye series, a rich fantasy adventure trilogy set in a mythic... More

    (13 reviews)
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