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    Book 1
    Book 1

    Mila Has Two Beds

    A sweet children's book that explains co-parenting and shared custody in such a positive way! Mila has two homes: some... More

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    Book 2
    Book 2

    Mila Wants to Go to School

    Today Mila is going to school for the first time, and she can hardly wait to get there. But Daddy is being a real dilly-... More

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    Mila Has Two Beds Mila Has Two Beds

    Mila Has Two Beds

    28th May 2020

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    • Mila Has Two Beds

      Mila Has Two Beds

      Mila has two homes because her mommy and daddy are divorced and live in separate houses.  Every two days she changes homes... two days with daddy... t...