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Monster Doctor

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    Are you a zombie with a cold? A troll with a sore toe? A vampire with toothache? 

    Then book an appointment with the monster doctor! All types of monsters (and things) welcome.

    Join Ozzy - an ordinary human boy - on his adventures at the monster doctor's surgery, where he helps to save all KINDS brilliantly beastly monster patients.

    Laughter really is the best medicine, so give yourself a healthy dose of fun with this hilarious fiction series from John Kelly that will have you in stitches.

    Book 1: The Monster Doctor (Oct 2020)
    Book 2: Revolting Rescue (Oct 2020)
    Book 3: Slime Crime (Mar 2021)

    Book 1
    Book 1

    The Monster Doctor

    Are you . . . A dragon with indigestion? A blob with a cold? A yeti with a sore foot? Then b... More

    (10 reviews)
    Book 2
    Book 2

    The Monster Doctor: Revolting Rescue

    WARNING! THIS IS AN EMERGENCY. There's been a major Q-T incident reported in Cringetown - we need the monster ... More

    (3 reviews)
    Book 3
    Book 3

    The Monster Doctor: Slime Crime

    Are you looking for the best monster medicine EVER? Then look no further! FIXITALL will heal tentacle ... More

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