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    Book 1
    Book 1

    2: Thora and the Green Sea-Unicorn

    Thora - half-mermaid, half-human - sails to London with her mermaid mother, Cosmo the peacock, and her newest friend, Sh... More

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    Book 2
    Book 2

    3: Thora and the Incredible Crystals

    Thora - half-mermaid, half-human - is off to the farthest faraway place on earth: Flinders Island. Flinders is the home ... More

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    Book pages My Magical Snowman
    My Magical Snowman

    BOOK OF THE MONTH: With plenty of things to push, pull and turn, this gorgeous wintery book with a gentle rhyming text is perfect for little hands.

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    • 2: Thora and the Green Sea-Unicorn

      2: Thora and the Green Sea-Unicorn

      by Giggle

      This book was quite good but also confusing at some points. I got that Thora’s mum is a mermaid and therefore Thora is half mermaid and that they are...