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    Book 1
    Book 1

    The Scallywags

    The Scallywags are a bunch of messy, noisy wolves who find it rather hard to behave properly. But as they soon discove... More

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    Book 2
    Book 2

    The Scallywags Blow Their Top!

    The Scallywags are a band of unruly wolves who find it hard to behave properly. But after they storm out of the Fores... More

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    Book pages The Snowflake
    The Snowflake

    BOOK OF THE MONTH: An enchanting and timeless winter tale from Benji Davies, one of today's most celebrated picture book stars.

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    • The Scallywags

      The Scallywags

      This is one of our favourite family picture books - in fact it was the first book that made my daughter laugh out loud.  It's about a pack of wolves w...