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Lost... In the Mountains of Death


Lost... In the Mountains of Death Reviews | Toppsta

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High up in the Mountains of Death, danger lurks round every corner. Will you survive poisonous bites, terrifying mountain lions and deadly heights?

Packed full of fascinating facts and essential information to get you to safety, Lost in... is an amazing new interactive, adventure-packed series in which the reader must choose their own path to survive to the end of the story. Can you get alive?

Lost... In the Mountains of Death Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 4 in the Lost in Series. See all Lost in books here.


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Age 11

About Tracey Turner

Tracey Turner is a former editor and author of many non-fiction
books for children including The Disgusting Dictionary, The YUK Factor,
and titles for the Dead Famous series. Tracey lives in Bath.


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