The Queen Next Door
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The Queen Next Door


The Queen Next Door Reviews | Toppsta

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A beautifully illustrated modern-day fairy tale, filled with friendship, fun and fairness.

In a faraway land, a happy queen rules over the happiest of kingdoms. But when a new queen moves in next door and starts showing off her ginormous, brand-new, super-duper throne, the happy queen can't help feeling a little jealous and decides she MUST have a throne of her own . . . no matter the cost.

Can she learn that what makes a true queen is not what she has, but how she treats others?

Filled with humour and heart, this beautiful picture book encourages everyone to be grateful for what we have and who we have to share it with.

The Queen Next Door Reviews | Toppsta


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About Marcela Ferreira

   Marcela Ferreira (Author)  
  Marcela was born in Rio de Janeiro and spent her childhood between the beach and her grandparents' farm. She moved to London as a teenager. She worked in advertising and brand development and ran her own business before becoming a mother and turning her hand to writing for children. She lives in London with

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