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Meet RORY BRANAGAN - he eats bad guys for breakfast. Well, not ACTUALLY. But he IS the best detective in town. Third in a hilarious comedy-crime series for readers of 8+.

Hello. I am Rory Branagan. I am ACTUALLY a detective.

This week, my school put on the BIGGEST, BEST school fete the world has ever known. We are raising money to make St Bart's BOOMTASTIC, with adventure playgrounds and even a DRAGON.

But now the cash has GONE, and my Accomplice Cassidy 'the Cat' Callaghan has been BLAMED for stealing it. I'm thinking... I must use my detectiving to find the real thief and RESCUE the Cat!

Join Rory as he LEAPS into a new crime-fighting adventure with a dastardly theft, the biggest crime lord ever, head teachers that look like turkeys, and a real live KOMODO DRAGON. There are seven books in the RORY BRANAGAN (DETECTIVE) series and this is the third.

The Big Cash Robbery Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 3 in the Rory Branagan (Detective) Series. See all Rory Branagan (Detective) books here.

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30th September '18
I read it myself (an adult) & to Ultracow aged 8 aged 8
The Big Cash Robbery 9780008265892
5 stars
Rory Branagan he is actually a detective! Loved this latest book by Andrew Clover. 

Rory and his sidekick Cat are fearless when it comes to solving mysteries. When Cat becomes the prime suspect for stealing the school fete takings, Rory teams up with his big brother Seamus to help reveal the real criminal's identity.  It's a who dun it mystery with clues throughout, a great read for kids and parents with lots of guessing on the way. 

Rory is a kind kid with a great imagination and you just want to know more about him and his dad!

At the beginning of the book the gallery illustrated by Ralph Lazar is a great reference when new characters are introduced. None so cute as Mike Tyson's baby.

My favourite illustrations are on page 144-145 Rory, Seamus and Corner Boy doing tricks on their bikes, It took me back 30 years and I couldn't stop laughing neither could my 8 year old it you'll belly ache laugh.

Can't wait 'til February for book 4 to come until then we'll be reading the Rory Branagan minis at
30th September '18
Ultracow read it themselves aged 8 aged 8
The Big Cash Robbery 9780008265892
5 stars
I love this book because it is full of detail and pictures. I like Rory Branagan books, they are great to read to myself at night. I like the Komodo dragon I also like Wilkins Welkin because my sister has two sausage dogs and they are characters just like him. 
The Big Cash Robbery is another mystery for Rory to solve with lots of adventures on the way. Rory is a great character who makes me laugh. 

My favourite illustration is on page 265 two big penguins (Rory's thoughts) I'm thinking they are are doing demo toko sita!  
2nd November '18
Char2010 read it themselves aged 7 aged 7
The Big Cash Robbery 9780008265892
5 stars
There were some really funny parts to the third book which made me laugh out loud. If you have enjoyed the other Rory Branagan stories, this one is even better. In fact they all get better and better. In this story somebody steals money from the school fête and Rory Branagan solves the mystery with his brother, Seymour. 
I really like the front cover of this book because the Komodo dragon looks like it has real life scales on him. 
I can’t wait for the fourth book to come out! 
2nd December '18
I read it to Ultracow aged 8 aged 8
The Big Cash Robbery 9780008265892
5 stars
Excellent book, thank you for give away. It's now in to our school library.
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Andrew Clover (author) is an actor and comic - nominated for a Perrier at the Edinburgh Fringe. He performs his show The Seven Secrets of Storytelling in schools worldwide from the UK to United Arab Emirates working with Authorsaloud.

Ralph Lazar (illustrator) is the creator of the Happiness Is... project, which is viewed by over 10...

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Ralph Lazar studied law and Economics at the University of Cape Town and the London School of Economics. He was formerly an investment strategist at Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse First Boston....

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