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There are four titles in the series. In Billy Bunny learn all about animals; in Bobby Bear uncover facts about the field and forest; in Oscar Otter discover the wonders of the river and shore and in Ozzy Owl learn about animals. Each title has over 150 stickers. Read the book then use the stickers at the back to answer questions and complete the activities on every page - or you can even have fun making up your own pictures. The series features the wonderful friendly characters from Maurice Pledger and teaches natural history facts along the way.

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Maurice Pledger was awarded the Francis Williams Illustration Award for the Best Descriptive Illustration in 1982. This accolade, sponsored by the Victoria and Albert Museum, is awarded only once in every five years. Maurice Pledger has illustrated many successful series for Templar, which have collectively sold 10 million copies worldwide. In 1982, Mau

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