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Whenever I'm tired of being me
I swing around like a chimpanzee. Are you tired of being you? Here's a whole bookful of things you can do! There are rhymes to make you wriggle and giggle, shrug and sigh, snap like a crocodile and slither like a snake. Julia Donaldson's verse jumps off the page and Nick Sharratt's snazzy illustrations add to the fun of Wriggle and Roar! . Bright, bold and accessible, these rhymes are packed full of noises and actions, making them perfect for joining in. Look out for more poems from Julia Donaldson and Nick Sharratt in Shuffle and Squelch !

Wriggle and Roar! Reviews | Toppsta


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2nd March '16
I read it to FreddyBoggis aged 3 aged 3
Wriggle and Roar! 9781447276654
5 stars
This book has become a favourite for my little boy, the illustrations are great. The rhymes are fun and he loves to join in with them. One of his favourites is can you, where it asks if you can make different animal noises, always makes us laugh. Every page has something different, highly recommended.
6th March '18
I read it to AvaW aged 4 aged 4
Wriggle and Roar! 9781447276654
5 stars
My daughter really liked this fun, interactive , rhyming book. She liked the bits that asked if she could do things like make animal noises, and joining in with the actions. There is lots of variety in the book, and she enjoyed the bright, colourful illustrations. This is such a fun book
4th January '17
I read it to RCHogan aged 2 aged 2 & to AIHogan aged 1 aged 1
Wriggle and Roar! 9781447276654
5 stars
This is a fabulous book that is a great favourite of my toddlers.

The poems are brilliant; perfect for young children and most have actions or noises to join in with. There are numbers; animals; body parts and a whole other host of subjects and vocabulary introduced into the rhymes. They are all catchy and a joy to read aloud - especially in funny voices. It won't be long until little ones start to join in.

It's a fun, vibrant resource to dip in and out of - whether for just one or two rhymes or several consecutively. I've been really impressed with how catchy the rhymes are and how much my toddlers enjoy them: I can't recommend it highly enough! 
7th November '17
I read it to Jdixon aged 4 aged 4
Wriggle and Roar! 9781447276654
4 stars
My son has been enjoying this book for a couple of years now, it is full of different songs and rhymes but all new original one. My son loves them because they are funny and have actions to do. I think it’s good because it’s short enough to read on one go at bed time or you can pick and choose any number of rhymes. I think he’s going to enjoy this for many more years.
1st April '18
I read it to sashet01 aged 4 aged 4 & to sashet21 aged 2 aged 2
Wriggle and Roar! 9781447276654
4 stars
There are some great poems and rhymes here and one or two that are not so so great but my daughter reakky enjoys reading this book.
16th August '16
I read it to SophieKelly aged 3 aged 3
Wriggle and Roar! 9781447276654
4 stars
A set of fun rhymes that encourage the child to participate and "act out" some of the things that happen in the rhymes. Good for children with short attention span, as you can dip in and out.... but not a great "bedtime" book. I like to take it with us when we go out for walks for a quick read while we stop for a drink. Sophies 3.25yrs old and beginning to show a real interest in letters and reading... so I think she is liking this book because she can pick out the odd work she knows as there's a lot of repetition  
30th May '17
I read it to Haf aged 2 aged 2
Wriggle and Roar! 9781447276654
3 stars
Fun poems and rhymes with lots of colourful illustrations. Some are a bit dull, and need quite a lot of enthusiasm to perk up!
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