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The Paper Planes Club: Band 06/Orange


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Collins Big Cat Phonics for Letters and Sounds features exciting fiction and non-fiction decodable readers to enthuse and inspire children. They are fully aligned to Letters and Sounds Phases 1-6 and contain notes in the back. The Handbooks provide support in demonstration and modelling, monitoring comprehension and expanding vocabulary.
When Lenny flies a paper plane from his tower block to the neighbouring one, he has no idea what he started!
Orange/Band 6 offers varied text and characters, with action sustained over several pages.
The focus sounds in this book are: /ai/ a /j/ dge, g, ge /ee/ e, ey, y /l/ le /f/ ph /ch/ t, tch /oo/ u /igh/ y, ie /w/ wh
Pages 22 and 23 allow children to re-visit the content of the book, supporting comprehension skills, vocabulary development and recall.
Reading notes within the book provide practical support for reading Big Cat Phonics for Letters and Sounds with children, including a list of all the sounds and words that the book will cover.

The Paper Planes Club: Band 06/Orange Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 310 in the Collins Big Cat Phonics for Letters and Sounds Series. See all Collins Big Cat Phonics for Letters and Sounds books here.

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