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Reimagine Key Stage 3 English


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One photocopiable and editable teacher pack with 9 knowledge-rich projects to build skills, reading stamina and cultural understanding in Key Stage 3 English.
Invigorate your KS3 English curriculum and create a firm foundation for GCSE 9-1 English with 9 projects over three years and ready-to-use teaching PowerPoints, lesson plans and student activity worksheets.
* Explore thematically linked extracts from nineteenth-century fiction, poetry and non-fiction and twenty-first-century non-fiction to build a springboard for GCSE 9-1 English and English Literature
* Illuminate and understand key contexts for GCSE 9-1 set texts such as growing up, crime and punishment, monsters and medicine, and child labour
* Develop and interleave knowledge, skills and cultural capital to build a coherently planned curriculum that enriches students' study in Key Stage 3 English
* Easy to use and fit alongside your English department's class readers, plays and anthologies
* Save time with expertly planned and sequenced lessons with ready-made teaching PowerPoints, age-appropriate texts and student activity worksheets
* Photocopiable and editable files on the free download on

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About Jo Heathcote

Jo Heathcote is an experienced English teacher in the post-16 sector. She has extensive experience as a Principal Examiner for GCSE English Language and was involved in the development of the new specification for GCSE English Language for a major awarding body.

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About Caroline Davis

Caroline Davis is known for her lively and bright illustrations and engaging text.

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