Albert and the Journey Home: A Parable of Jesus
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Albert and the Journey Home: A Parable of Jesus


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A heart-felt Bible story about a young boy, who leaves his family farm, with half of his dad's coins jangling in his pocket.

After spending all his coins, will he spend the rest of his life looking after pigs or return home to his dad? Will an angry young mouse decide to leave or can Albert's story persuade him to stay?
A series of picture books of stories from the Old and New Testament by Richard Littledale, inspired by his retellings to groups of young children.
Meet Albert, an elderly mouse, who retells well known Bible stories to eager young mice, perfect for story times with young listeners aged 3-5 years.
Stunning bright and appealing illustrations bring to life the excitement and drama of the storytelling for young children to enjoy looking through time and time again. They will love seeking the mice in each picture!

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This is Book 4 in the Albert's Bible Stories Series. See all Albert's Bible Stories books here.


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About Richard Littledale

Dubravka Kolanovic studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design USA and went on to graduate from the Academy of Visual Arts in Zagreb. She has illustrated over 30 children's books, cartoon books and school textbooks as well as UNICEF's Christmas card. Her first picture book 'A Special Day ' won the Landmark Editions (USA) Golden Award.

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