Windcatcher: Migration of the Short-tailed Shearwater
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Windcatcher: Migration of the Short-tailed Shearwater


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A short-tailed shearwater flies from the edge of the Southern Ocean to the rim of the Arctic Circle – and back – every year. This remarkable 30,000 kilometre journey is driven by seabird law.

Instinct and community will guide her. A wingspan the size of a child’s outstretched arms will support her. But first, she must catch the wind…

Based on birds that live on Griffith Island, near Port Fairy, Victoria, Windcatcher is a tale of migration, conservation and survival that begins with one small bird called Hope.

Written by award-winning children’s author Diane Jackson Hill and illustrated by Craig Smith, one of Australia’s most prolific and popular illustrators, Windcatcher explores the mysteries of seabird migration for primary aged readers.


  • Remarkable story of the migration of the short-tailed shearwater from the Southern Ocean to the Artic Circle and back.
  • Explores themes of seabird migration, conservation and survival.
  • Teacher Notes to support use in the classroom will be available from the CSIRO Publishing website.
  • From the author and illustrator of Chooks in Dinner Suits, which was a 2017 CBCA Notable and Wilderness Society Environmental Award for Children’s Literature picture fiction book winner.

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