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Food Chains: Who eats what?


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Trace the Sun's energy as it travels along food chains sustaining plants, primary consumers, secondary consumers, predators and decomposers all over the planet. Beautiful cut-paper illustrations by the award-winning Sarah Dennis bring habitats from around the world to life. Search and find activities and essential facts.

Food Chains: Who eats what? Reviews | Toppsta


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About Sam Hutchinson

Sam is the publisher at b small publishing and has written or commissioned 100s of books for children.|Lola is a Spanish teacher based in Barcelona. Lola has also worked in children's publishing for over 20 years, as an editor and in sales.|Kim is a children's book illustrator and designer who has worked for Ivy Kids, Lonely Planet and b small publishing, wh

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About Sarah Dennis

Catherine Bruzzone made the leap from teaching foreign languages to children to publishing books for children in the early '90s and and now spends much of her time writing or cycling. Her books feature fun activities with a strong educational foundation.

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