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Bee Alert Reviews | Toppsta

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When Ben goes to stay with his grandpa in the country for the summer, he’s hoping that somewhere, somehow, there’ll be a mystery to solve. Stumbling on a case of alarming disappearances, he comes to realize that solving this case may prove more dangerous than anything he could ever have imagined. Will he survive the hornet’s attack? Is there anyone who’ll believe his incredible story? Can he kickstart changes that may just save the world?

During a stay in France, Barbara Rustin became concerned about the dramatic bee losses there and, decided to keep bees and research the problem with a view to writing a book. Bee Alert!, Barbara’s first children’s book, brings together her life work of writing, editing and activism.
- The Bee Movie meets Beetle Boy with engaging characters and a pacy story that skilfully conveys the horrors of current falling bee populations.
- Cross-generational mix, simple plot lines and exciting visual scenes from both the six-legged and two-legged perspectives. 
- Educators looking for fiction that connects to and supports science curricula will be wowed by this.
- Perfect for fans of M.G. Leonard, Ross Welford and Roald Dahl
- Brilliant debut author with impassioned green credentials

Bee Alert Reviews | Toppsta

  • ISBN: 9781527217416
  • Pub Date: 26th September 2018
  • Publisher: Barbara Rustin
  • Imprint: Barbara Rustin
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 224

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Age 10 12 14

About Barbara Rustin

Barbara Rustin is a writer, artist and activist, living in London and rural France. Her early career was in publishing, editing for Victor Gollancz, Chatto & Windus and Jonathan Cape. After a degree in Fine Art, she focused on painting, but maintained her link with the publishing industry as a reader advising on the acquisition of French books. She ha

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