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Errol's Garden Reviews | Toppsta

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Errol loves gardening, but he doesn't have a proper garden. Although his home is full of beautiful plants, he longs for an outdoor space where he can grow things. A chance discovery leads to a solution, but Errol can't do everything on his own. Luckily, help is near at hand. A heart-warming and inclusive tale about how one small boy's dream of a garden unites a diverse community in a positive and enriching experience for everyone.

Errol's Garden Reviews | Toppsta

  • ISBN: 9781786280848
  • Pub Date: 1st May 2018
  • Publisher: Child's Play International Ltd
  • Imprint: Child's Play (International) Ltd
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 32

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This is Book 18 in the Child's Play library Series. See all Child's Play library books here.

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14th September '18
Kikki read it themselves aged 7 aged 7
Errol's Garden 9781786280848
5 stars
Errol's Garden is blooming great! Colourful illustrations and a really wonderful story, full of ideas for budding gardeners, not to mention the joy of getting lots of people together and sharing ideas and motivation. Also nice to see flats, not houses, for a change in a picture book, and how you can still grow a garden wherever you live. Lovely bedtime story, plus she's been dipping in out of this on her own and using it for ideas and art. Inclusive, inspiring!
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