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An achingly funny, touching story for anyone who has been thrown in at the deep end.

`Smart and funny. It will tug at your heartstrings' Dawn O'Porter

It's 1979, and thirteen-year-old Lydia has no idea how she'll cope when her dad announces that the family has to sell up and move onto a Thames sailing barge in Essex. With his girlfriend. And her three kids.
Between trying to keep her clothes dry in a leaky cabin, disastrous hair-dye attempts, awkward encounters with local boys, and coping with her suddenly enormous and troublesome family, Lydia fears she'll sink rather than swim . . .
At turns heartbreaking and uplifting, through Lydia's innocent and perceptive voice we find out that while the mud may stick, the tide can turn - and in unexpected and joyful ways.

Perfect for fans of Louise Rennison, Hilary McKay and Rae Earl

Mud Reviews | Toppsta

  • ISBN: 9781783446896
  • Pub Date: 5th July 2018
  • Publisher: Andersen Press Ltd
  • Imprint: Andersen Press Ltd
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 416

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3rd September '18
FelixLowe read it themselves aged 11 aged 11
Mud 9781783446896
5 stars
I wasn't sure whether I'd like this, so mum and I read the first bit together. I soon got into it though, and finished it myself in a couple of days. It's written in the form of a diary and is set in 1979. It was good to read a book set in a different time. I enjoyed chatting with my mum about the time before mobiles and internet, and about when she worked on the pick n mix counter at Woolworths when she was at school!
This book is emotional at times, but funny all the same.
Give it a go, you won't be disappointed
21st August '18
I read it to I.A.Holmes aged 10 aged 10
Mud 9781783446896
5 stars
This is a lovely book for the older child. Its written in diary style which I think really appeals to children. I loved that this book is set slightly in the past before the age of technology and social media has taken over everyone's lives as I know children today can't imagine a life without their tablets, instant streaming etc.
15th August '18
I read it to Wolflover37 aged 12 aged 12
Mud 9781783446896
5 stars
This book is so charming! The saying don't judge a book by the cover definately applies here. I read the first couple of pages to my 12 year old daughter to see if she would like it and we both got really absorbed so i carried on reading it to her over a few nights. It is written in diary form and you really feel for the character from the first page. It is set in an era of no mobile phones, the freedom to roam the streets playing etc and really took me back to my preteen years. It was a great bonding time with my daughter as i explained that's what it was like for me at her age. I recalled many memories with her and told her stories of my time growing up.
A really good heartfelt read that myself and ny daughter thoroughly enjoyed! Definately recommend for age 10+ 
21st August '18
I read it myself aged 11 aged 11
Mud 9781783446896
5 stars
This book was such a page-turner that it only took a day and a half laying on a sun lounger next to a pool, that I had finished this fabulous book. i havent read many book from the era Mud is set in so I found it quite interesting to read about this different lifestyle in an easy-to-follow, diary layout. I loved it!
17th August '18
I read it to Yzabelle aged 8 aged 8
Mud 9781783446896
5 stars
wonderful story, that took me back to my childhood.
We loved reading this together, and we couldn't put it down
18th August '18
I read it to Rory aged 11 aged 11 & to Addie aged 8 aged 8
Mud 9781783446896
5 stars
Well it may be possible that I loved this book even more than the kids did. A wonderful story told in a diary style that took me back to my childhood (mmm Woolworths pick and mix!) it was great to share my memories with my children as we read the book. Rory especially liked this story, the humour was quite dark which is right up his street and there were sad moments too. Perfect! 
26th August '18
Immy read it themselves aged 12 aged 12
Mud 9781783446896
4 stars
A beautiful book, with a sad storyline and quietly determined characters. Written as a diary, readers are let into the heroine Lydia's heart. She is compassionate and caring, trying to pick up the pieces that is her depressive Dad. 

Although Lydia's mum dies, she has to live on a barge and her Dad is not around; she still carries on. With support from her best friend Kay, and the help of her siblings, they bring life back together again.  

This book is uplifting because it shows that there is always people who care, and, that like Lydia, don't give up hope.
28th August '18
MunchkinMegan read it themselves aged 10 aged 10
Mud 9781783446896
4 stars
I currently reading Mud, I've been really engrossed in it but struggling to read without my new glasses! Argh. I'm so blind without them. What I've read so far has been really interesting, I love the nods to the era, I've found the characters very believable and i'm looking forward to 'seeing' where they go! Full review to follow.
6th September '18
I read it myself (an adult) & to Willkidd aged 10 aged 10
Mud 9781783446896
2 stars
William likes books where the main character is a boy he struggle to gain interest sadly and gave up .
A lovely book for a girl !
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