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An award-winning picture book favourite about a lonely little beaver in need of a friend.

Shortlisted for the Children's Book Award, this is the much-loved story of Little Beaver, who lives all alone by the edge of a pond. He doesn't have a friend in the world. One day, when he starts to cry, he hears someone else crying too. So Little Beaver sets off to find this kindred spirit. Along the way, he's joined by a duck, an otter and a turtle, who each claim, "I do need a friend, but it wasn't me who was crying." Will Little Beaver ever find the creature who was crying, and make a friend at last? A story time favourite, this sweet, sensitive story of new friendship is brought beautifully to life by Sarah Fox-Davies's softly glowing landscapes and adorably furry characters.

Little Beaver and the Echo Reviews | Toppsta


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1st February '17
I read it to Ragdollkhanbaby aged 5 aged 5
Little Beaver and the Echo 9780744523157
5 stars
This is a lovely little story about a little beaver who is very lonely and wants to make friends, he is very sad and crying and in the distance he can hear someone else crying too so he sets off on a journey and meets some other animals who also want and need to make friends.  Along the way he learns some wise things about friendships and life.  A lovely story with gorgeous illustrations.
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About Dr. Amy MacDonald

Amy MacDonald is an American author of children's books whose work includes Little Beaver and the Echo, which has been translated into 28 languages around the world, and Rachel Fister's Blister. A freelance journalist, she has written for the New Yorker, the Times, and many publications, as well as co-producing a documentary film, On This Island. She teaches...

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About Sarah Fox-Davies

Martin Waddell is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest living writers of books for children. His work includes Farmer Duck, Owl Babies and the 1989 Kurt Maschler Award-winning The Park in the Dark, also illustrated by Barbara Firth. In 2004 he won the prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Award. He lives in Northern Ireland.

Sarah Fox-Davies was born in...

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