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Space Travel Guides: Space Exploration


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Space Travel Guides offer a unique look at our Solar System and beyond for older children. Adopting a 'travel guide' format, this original series takes the reader on a fascinating fact-packed voyage, offering insights and points of interest along they way. Stunning full-colour photographs and quirky cartoons ensure that no detail is omitted as the trip progresses - from planetary features to star magnitudes and from space toilets to driving on the Moon.

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This is Book 6 in the Space Travel Guides Series. See all Space Travel Guides books here.

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About Giles Sparrow

Giles Sparrow, Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, studied astronomy at University College, London, and science communication at Imperial College, London. He has authored or contributed to a string of beautiful and successful books for adults and children, including Universe, Spaceflight and The Way the Universe Works for Dorling Kindersley, and Cosmos

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