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Kipper's basket is old and worn. His blanket is smelly and disgusting. But can Kipper find a better place to sleep? He tries a flowerpot like a bird, a nest like a squirrel and a lily-pad like a frog, but nothing seems quite as good as his old, worn basket and his lovely smelly blanket.

Kipper Reviews | Toppsta


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11th February '19
I read it to AnnaMP aged 7 aged 7 & to HugoMP aged 5 aged 5
Kipper 9780340932056
5 stars
As a family we have loved every one of the Kipper stories and even though my children are now 5 and 7 I still get asked to read Kipper at bedtime on a regular basis.  Lovely, gentle stories that have been read so many times that the children usually finish off the sentences for me.  You truly can’t go wrong with them.
23rd July '18
I read it to Gymnastjay aged 5 aged 5 & to Year 1kw aged 5 to 6
Kipper 9780340932056
4 stars
I loved Kipper as a child and now my children enjoy hearing it too, especially knowing I used to enjoy it too. Great stories about a loveable dog! 
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