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Knights and Castles


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This series looks at how castles were built, castle life, castles under siege and knights and castles. Each book has wonderful photographs and illustrations to help readers as well as revealing an interesting fact on each page.

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This is Book 2 in the Age of Castles Series. See all Age of Castles books here.

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About Richard Dargie

Richard Dargie is a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Studies and History at Morey House Institute of Education in Edimburgh. He has written or co-written eight History textbooks, and around fifty BBC Education Scotland radio and television programmes.

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About Peter Dennis

Anthony Masters was renowned as an adult novelist, short story writer and biographer, but was best known for his fiction for young people. His children's fiction included teenage novels and the groundbreaking Weird World series of young adult horror, published by Bloomsbury. He also worked with children both in schools and at art festivals. Anthony Maste

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