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Rainbow Flamingo


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This one young flamingo, Adele was her name,  
Knew under HER wings something wasn’t the same.  
Whilst quite unremarkably pink from outside … 
Inside were some colours she struggled to hide! 

Adele wants nothing more than to be just like all the other flamingos. But hiding who she really is feels horribly tough. Can Adele find the courage to celebrate her true colours? 

Perfect for fans of Perfectly Norman, this thought-provoking and touching story empowers children to embrace their uniqueness and have the courage to stand out. 
‘A riotous, dazzling, joy-filled book, brimming with hope and warmth’
Ian Eagleton, award-winning author of Nen and the Lonely Fisherman 
‘An explosion of colour, humour and joy. I loved it and can’t wait for my kids to read it!’
Abi Elphinstone, bestselling children’s book author

‘A delightfully colourful and joyous book with the celebration of diversity at its heart’
Patricia Cleveland-Peck, bestselling author of You Can’t Take an Elephant on the Bus
‘An uplifting tale of acceptance and having the courage to show your true colours!’
Caryl Hart, bestselling picture book author
‘A positive, uplifting, feel-good book about the joy that can come from being yourself’
Clare Helen Welsh, award-winning author of Wee? It Wasn’t Me!
‘Stylish with a gorgeous message – Catherine and Claire are the picture book dream team!’
Steven Lenton, bestselling children's book creator
‘I absolutely love Catherine's comforting rhyme and Claire's illustrations are dazzling!’
Pip Jones, bestselling children’s book author
‘A touching, reassuring and wonderfully rhythmical story about having the courage to display one's true colours’
Simon Philip, award-winning author of You Must Bring a Hat
‘A fabulous riot of colour on every page, as Adele the Flamingo dances her way through this heart-warming tale about finding your place in the world. Emmett and Powell are brilliant!’
Lu Fraser, bestselling author of The Littlest Yak

Rainbow Flamingo Reviews | Toppsta


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About Catherine Emmett

Catherine Emmett grew up in Newcastle and spent all of her childhood reading books. When she grew up, she spent fourteen years making spreadsheets and not reading any books at all. After advising a group of young girls to find a career that they loved, she decided to take her own advice. She packed up her husband and her three young boys, moved to rural Esse

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About Claire Powell

Claire Powell is a designer and illustrator based in London. After spending several years working as a design director in the world of channel re-branding, Claire is branching out into the world of picture books with this fantastic first series.

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