We Are One
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From an award-winning author, a New York Times bestselling artist, and a Coretta Scott King Honor artist, lyrical text about how we are all one is paired with beautiful illustrations of two girls and their families.

If you’re a star, I’m a moon.
Together we dream.
When we are together,
we are one.
Two girls—one from a city who lives with her mom, and one who lives by the beach with her dads and brother—come together at a lantern festival in a beautiful story of how we are all one, whether near or far, friend or newcomer.
From an award-winning trio, this celebration of community, friendship, and the natural world features poetic, lyrical text paired with a vibrant visual tale of two characters, each illustrated by a different artist.

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  • ISBN: 9781542016940
  • Pub Date: 16th May 2023
  • Publisher: Amazon Publishing
  • Imprint: Two Lions
  • Format: Hardback
  • Number of Pages: 40

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About Jackie Azua Kramer

Jackie Az a Kramer was born in Manhattan, NY. She studied acting and voice at New York University and earned her MA, Queens College, Counseling in Education. She has worked as an actor, singer, and school counselor. Her work with children presented her with an opportunity to address their concerns, secrets and hopes through storytelling. She is th

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