BC Blue Wave 3 Starter Pack
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This is Book 1157 in the Bug Club Series. See all Bug Club books here.


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About Margaret McAllister

Margi McAllister has written a number of children's novels including The Mistmantle Chronicles and The Life Shop

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About Julie Sykes

Julie Sykes is an award-winning author of over fifty books, mostly about animals and magic. She lives with her family, their wolf and a flying carpet in a cottage in Hampshire. Julie first wrote about Fairy Bears after meeting Glitter the Fairy Bear in her back garden. When Julie isn't busy writing, she spends her time eating cake and having flying races wit

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About Rob Alcraft

Collins UK is a leading information-led publisher of illustrated and narrative nonfiction.

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About Roy Apps

Roy Apps is the author of more than fifty children's books, including The Twitches, Fang Gang and How To Handle. He is the author of the highly successful Dream to Win series for Franklin Watts.
His novel The Secret Summer of Daniel Lyons won The Writers' Guild Children's Book Award and was shortlisted for the Whitbread Awards. It is now a succes

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About Annie Dalton

Annie Dalton has worked as a waitress, a cleaner, a factory worker but is now a full-time writer. Her book The After Dark Princess won the Nottinghamshire Book Award. Night Maze was shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal as was The Real Tilly Beany. Naming the Dark and Swan Sister were shortlisted for the Sheffield Children's Book Award. Annie was born in D

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About Cath Howe

Cath Howe is an author and teacher with a real passion for writing and creativity. She has been working at Fern Hill for over ten years as a `Writer in Residence', running workshops on everything to do with writing and performing.  She now visits other schools as an author and workshop leader, while also developing her `Writer in Residence' role at Kingston

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About Geraldine McCaughrean

Geraldine McCaughrean is an established author for all age groups. Geraldine has been awarded many prizes for her writing, including the Whitbread Children's Book Award for A Little Lower than the Angels, the Library Association Carnegie Medal and the Guardian Award for a Pack of Lies. Geraldine has also published a number of retellings of traditional storie

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About Frank Rodgers

Frank Rodgers is the creator of the popular Mr Croc, who we first met in the Rockets series. Mr Croc now appears in full colour as a Chameleon. Frank has been described by Scottish Book Trust as "one of Scotland's best-loved author/illustrators". He has written and illustrated over sixty books for publishers such as Penguin, Scholastic, Hodder and Collin

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